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The memory foam mattress has many advantages over other conventional types of mattress, including giving equal support to every part of your body. Memory foam mattresses have the ability to mould themselves to a person's individual shape and weight giving support to every part of the body equally avoiding pressure points in such areas as hips and shoulders, allowing you to sleep deeper and wake up fully refreshed.

Memory foam buying guide.

Memory Foam was originally produced by NASSA in order to find a mattress which would improve safety and overcome vibrations in an aircraft especially space craft. Memory foam is made of viscous-elastic polyurethane. It was found that this material had many additional health properties and therefore hospitals started using them especially where patients were suffering back problems.

Memory foam mattresses have a unique cell structure that has been designed to react to your body`s heat and to the contours of your body. This unique material helps to almost eliminate all the pressure points usually associated with an ordinary mattress. Another important advantage of a memory foam mattress is that it is the ideal choice for someone who may suffer from back pain because of its property of giving the right support to each part of the body. It supports the correct alignment of the back, when sleeping, helping to overcome any problems and not making them worse.

Memory foam mattresses are also especially beneficial in that they maintain a comfortable temperature, whatever the weather, compared to normal cotton or wool mattresses. In the summer memory foam releases most of the heat generated by the body keeping you cool and in the winter the special properties of the memory foam retain the heat making it more comfortable.

If you have a partner then using a memory foam mattress is ideal in that it moulds itself to each partner separately and therefore the individual sleeping arrangements are perfect for each partner. For the ultimate in sleep comfort, choose a memory foam mattress with cooling technology. The enhanced cool comfort will keep your body in the perfect sleeping temperature throughout the night.

Memory Foam Mattresses have found to be of great help in providing a perfect night`s sleep in both support and comfort.
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